Add a copyrights box on your pictures

When ?

July 2015

Who ?

Personal project

How ?

Yeoman, HTML5/CSS3 and JS/JQuery

Where ?


Credimage lets you credit your pictures by pointing out the author, license and a link. It adds a copyrights zone on your pictures to warn users and visitors. This way, people will know what rights are associate with your pictures.

Why ?

The main goal of Credimage is to inform and raise awareness of internet users on rights applied on numeric creations. Many licenses and rights may be applied on a picture. So, it's not so simple to understand how we can use and share it. In addition, there is no easy and efficient way to determine rights on a picture we just found on the internet.

That's why Credimage is born. It allows you to specify the author and the license of your pictures. Also, you can add a link : the URL where you found it.