A la recherche des souvenirs

A little WebGL game using Three.js

When ?

December 2015

Who ?

Personal project

How ?

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Three.js

Where ?


"A la recherche des souvenirs" is a tiny WebGL game created during 3D courses I had in my master’s degree in multimedia sciences. The goal was to explore all possibilities brought by WebGL technology. The WebGL environment was set up with Three.js, a javascript 3D library.

This little game is one of many activities of the web-documentary Pergaud 1915. It’s a metaphor of Louis Pergaud’s brain (see Pergaud 1915’s project for more details) where user goes in search of forgotten Louis Pergaud memories. Three firefly take a walk in this 3D universe and each one represent a memory of Louis Pergaud’s life.