Suis ton Club !

Follow your favorite amateur football team

When ?

March to april 2015

Who ?

2 person, myself included

How ?

HTML5, CSS3, Foundation, JQuery, Ajax, PHP/MySQL and CakePHP

Suis Ton Club!

Suis ton Club ! is an innovative solution to establish a relationship between amateur football clubs and fans. You can follow your favorite team and updates such as : last results, club events, team composition and stats of players, team’s rank, etc. Users can share videos and photos of football games.

This project was made during my master’s degree in multimedia sciences and my main tasks were developing the platform’s backend and manage the database. Until this time I'd never used PHP frameworks and I decide to fill that gap by trying CakePHP. I choose this one because it's for rapid-development and it’s a light framework compared to Symfony or Zend.